The Prop Appeal is for patients in the regional Neurosciences Specialist Rehabilitation Unit, currently based at Rookwood Hospital.


Patients generally have a serious and life changing disability relating to acquired brain injuries, and often have to cope with re-learning all aspects of daily living.

Some patients might be in rehabilitation for between three and five years; this makes it even more important that their environment is comfortable and stimulating.

Donations to the Prop Appeal make a real difference to our patients. Recently, the Appeal purchased high-tech Dyson fans for use on the wards. A common side effect of acquired brain injury is losing the ability to regulate one’s own temperature with sweating or shivering. This makes a dual heater and fan very useful for patients!

Donations have also been spent on improving the dayroom, which looks much more homely thanks to the generosity of our amazing Prop Appeal supporters. The dayroom now has brand new tables, chairs and recreational games. It is an excellent venue for the Christmas, Easter and Summer parties held for patients and visitors.

A huge thank you to everyone who has chosen to support the patients and their families on Ward 7 at Rookwood by running marathons, shaving off their hair, attended one of our fabulous parties or made a donation

You can make a one off donation to the PROP Appeal via JustGiving here using the Donate button on our website.


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