Imagine If We Had Somewhere Lovely To Go…

This artwork was created by Beth Morris Workshop students to celebrate the launch of the Meadows Health and Wellbeing Route.

The Meadows Health and Wellbeing Route connects the University Hospital of Wales to the meadows at Heath Park. This beautiful green space is available for staff, patients, visitors, and the wider community to unwind, and enjoy being among meadow plants and animals.

This project is part of Magnificent Meadows Cymru, a programme funded by the Welsh Government that is working to restore over 500 hectares of wildflower meadows and grassland in Wales, while connecting communities to these environments for their own health and wellbeing.

For a virtual tour of the Heath Park Meadows Health and Wellbeing Route, click here.

To explore the Heath Park Meadows Health and Wellbeing Route interpretation board, click here.

The children of Beth Morris Workshops (aged 6-16) have been imagining a world where they are tiny and the usually small, sometimes yet to be discovered, meadow wildlife is suddenly huge. They have drawn scenes of play and relaxation in an imaginary natural playground.

The truth is though, that this playground and area for mindful moments is not part of their imaginations. It’s really out there.

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