Sustainable Futures

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity have numerous ongoing initiatives to help provide a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable future for generations to come.

Cardiff Critical Care Green Futures Fund

We always appreciate the support patients and families often show to staff. If you are looking for a different way of thanking Critical Care staff that may benefit future generations, one way to do this is through the Cardiff Critical Care Green Futures Fund.

Queen’s Green Canopy Project

Patients and staff at our Mental Health Services for Older People in-patient unit at University Hospital Llandough, were delighted to receive a Hawthorne tree from lecturers and students on the Creative and Therapeutic Arts course at University of South Wales as part of our collaborative Queen’s Green Canopy project.

Magnificent Meadows

Experience the Meadows Health and Wellbeing Routes connecting University Hospital of Wales to the meadows at Heath Park. A walk through the meadows provides an array of colours, smells, and sounds in all seasons.

Think Inks


Support Cardiff & Vale Health Charity by sending your used personal ink cartridges to Think Inks.

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