Donation information for hospital staff

Receiving donations of cash

Please ask for the donation to be taken directly to cashiers offices at University Hospital of Wales or University Hospital Llandough. Alternatively, two members of UHB staff must check the amount,complete a donation form and provide a receipt to the donor, store the donation safely but MUST bank the money within 7 days of receipt at the cashiers’ offices.

If you would like to send a thank you letter from your ward or department, please send a copy to the Health Charity office for our records.

Receiving donations via post

Fully complete the donations form, ensuring that donor name, address and endowment number details are completed fully.

Send the white copy to the donor along with a thank you letter if you wish.

Take the donation to the cashiers’ office with pink copy of the form the remaining two copies of the form (yellow is retained by your department and the blue copy should be sent to us in the internal post, c/o Health Charity, Woodland House. Alternatively the blue form can be left at cashiers who will forward on your behalf).

Receiving Cheques

When receiving cheques from donors where the address has not been submitted or have been received via funeral directors, they must be forwarded to the Health Charity office for processing. The Health Charity will contact the donors via their bank using details that are on the cheques ensuring thank you letters are sent.

The yellow donation receipt forms will be forward to the relevant departments for their informationand records once the cheques have been banked at Cashiers.

Gift Aid on Donations

If a donor is a UK taxpayer, gift aid can be claimed on their donation meaning additional funds for the Health Charity – at NO COST to the donor. An additional 25p per pound can be raised so it’s really worth the effort.

It’s really important that on behalf of UHB, the Health Charity reclaims gift aid on all eligible donations. When you receive a donation from an individual, please obtain the home address of the donor and ensure that the gift section on the donation form is completed. Donors are usually very happy to learn that we can obtain extra support at no cost to them.

We also will send a thank you letter from the Health Charity and of course, if you wish to send a personal note too, that’s no problem.

In order for us to claim gift aid, it is vital that we have the donor’s name and home address and consent. Gift aid cannot be claimed on donations via company cheques.

Please make sure that the donation form is completed fully and clearly for us to read.

Gift Aid Form

The Health Charity will send a letter of thanks for ALL donations received. Please continue to send letters of thanks from your ward or department, and send a copy to the Health Charity Office for our records.