Sut mae gwneud cais am arian

Grants from the Staff Lottery Fund

The profit from our Staff Lottery goes directly to our Staff Lottery Fund – the general purpose endowment fund for the UHB. Since 2011, the Committee has allocated more than £3 million to a range of worthwhile projects, including extensive medical equipment, staff room requirements, patient waiting areas, bereavement rooms, Wi-Fi services and crockery across the UHB which have made a real difference to the well-being of our staff and our patients.

Mae’r Ymddiriedolwyr wedi cymeradwyo dyrannu arian i’r Panel i gefnogi’r themâu canlynol:

  • Amgylchedd cleifion a staff, gan gynnwys celf ac estheteg a gwelliannau eraill
  • Urddas, parch a phrofiad cleifion gan gynnwys gwella mwynderau ac ymwybyddiaeth ddiwylliannol
  • Hybu iechyd a lles
  • Hybu ansawdd a diogelwch

Due to the contribution of the Staff Lottery to the Staff Lottery Fund, the Panel particularly welcome projects that promote well-being of staff

Nid oes ceisiadau am dros £10K yn cael eu hystyried yng nghyfarfodydd y panel ar hyn o bryd.

Sut mae gwneud cais am gyllid:

In order for your application to be considered, please review our Core and Non-Core Expenditure Guidance below before applying;