Cardiff & Vale Health Charity was delighted to support, from Covid-19 funds, an animation specifically aimed at training staff about their legal and professional obligation of embedding Children’s Rights in to their practice.  This will ensure children and young people are heard and treated as individuals.

Children’s Rights training has been implemented across the Health Board in response to a pledge made by the Health Board to the Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

Lisa Cordery, Specialist Community Public Health Nurse applied for this funding on behalf of the Youth Board.  Lisa said: “Now, more than ever, it is important that children and young people are heard, especially those who have been disadvantaged by Covid and have suffered an impact on their mental health due to the pandemic. 

“There is likely to be an increase in children acting as carers for family members as a result of Covid.  In short, children and young people will be accessing health services more than ever and staff need to know about their legal and professional obligation of embedding Children’s Rights in to their practice to ensure children and young people are treated as they should be.

“Despite having an active Youth Board, it is impractical to expect children and young people to help deliver every training session to our staff. The Youth Board suggested creating a brief animation which features their input and their voices which could be used to present the key messages around Children’s Rights to staff in a meaningful way.

“The new animation reflects the missing the voice of children and young people themselves.”

The animation was created in partnership with Promo Cymru, a youth digital information organisation which has previously worked with Public Health Wales and the Health Board. Young people were involved in the process every step of the way to create a truly youth-focussed product which can be shared through a wide variety of digital media.

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