Help us transform and change the lives of thousands of people living in Wales, offering opportunities to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing.

First of its kind, innovative, and ground-breaking healthcare delivery project.

Imagine a world where adults and children enjoy being outdoors with opportunities to improve their mental and physical health, whilst learning new skills and creating something extremely special for generations of the future.

We would love to be in a position where mental health struggles were non-existent, and seldom-heard communities felt more confident to have their say on what would improve their health and wellbeing.

Our Health Meadow is an extraordinary 7-acre site located at University Hospital Llandough in the Vale of Glamorgan. It offers a unique opportunity to deliver outdoor-based healthcare and rehabilitation as well as space for nature to thrive.

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board has partnered with Down to Earth who is an award-winning social enterprise with an 18-year track record in supporting people to bring about positive change in their lives through meaningful outdoor activity. They tackle social inequality by providing opportunities for the most vulnerable and excluded groups to thrive and create change.

For over three years they have helped develop the project through the ENRAW programme from Welsh Government/WEFO, alongside the Heritage Fund Community Woodland programme and more recently some additional funding from Hubbub.

Whilst we have already made great strides by offering opportunities over the last 18 months to build and create Our Health Meadow as it is now, there is still more work to be done to ensure we create something tangible for our future generations.

Our plan is to build an eco-friendly therapeutic centre named The Nature Haven. Never before have NHS patients and members of the community designed and built a flagship piece of healthcare infrastructure.

This project has the potential to be the first healthcare facility in the world which is genuinely centre around nature and people’s needs; is designed, built and looked after as a new way of delivering patient, staff, and community wellbeing, and underpinned by clinical research.

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