Jemma Hassell-Wilkes, Metabolic Medicine, UHW. Neil Britton, Radiology, UHL. Katie Neate, Assessment Unit. UHW. Allison Jenkins, A7, UHW

The next £6,000 SuperDraw will take place on Friday 25th May 2022. Then…in November 2022, the SuperMegaDraw prize, will be an eye-watering £22,000! What would you buy? You can sign up here Staff Lottery | Cardiff & Vale Health Charity

In November 2021, the Staff Lottery £21,000 SuperMegaDraw took place in the Health Charity Office in Woodland House and was pulled by Rob Page, Welsh former professional footballer, who is currently caretaker manager of the Wales national team, creating four £1,000 winners and our first lucky £21,000 winner!

The lucky winner was, Elizabeth Smith, Neonatal Unit, who has been a lottery member for over ten years, Elizabeth was absolutely ecstatic beyond words to hear the fabulous news saying “I’ll be using the money for a glamorous new bathroom, and enjoying a wonderful holiday with my husband and children. Huge congratulations Elizabeth and thank you for supporting Cardiff & Vale Health Charity, through the staff lottery.

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