Jeffery Davies, Estates Department, UHW

Marlene Jones, Community Midwifery, UHW

Rhian Smith, Palliative Care Office, UHW

Susan Mogford, Short Stay Surgical Unit, UHW

Sarah Thompson, Accident & Emergency Unit, UHW

The April 2021 Staff Lottery Draw helped create five £1,000 winners who were all delighted to hear the brilliant news!   

THE STAFF LOTTERY £5,000 SUPERDRAW TO BE DRAWN ON 25th JUNE 2021 & £21,000 in October!


The Staff Lottery supports staff across Cardiff and Vale by creating new winners every month. It also enables staff to apply for funding from the Staff Lottery Bids Panel, which has awarded grants of over £1.5 million to support numerous projects across the UHB which benefit, patients, staff and visitors. 

Lottery Application form can be completed electronically here and returned to

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