During the Covid-19 Pandemic, funding from NHS Charities Together supported Cardiff & Vale Health Charity to create a post for a Digital Inclusion Lead at the Recovery and Wellbeing College for 12 months.

The position was taken up by Georgia Howard, who was able to support the college to continue to deliver free educational courses on a range of mental health, physical health and wellbeing topics. As part of the role, Georgia introduced smoother and more efficient systems and procedures that were implemented and used within the administration team. This reduced workloads, improved staff wellbeing and provided students with a more accessible form of registration and enrolment. Georgia was also involved in the training and implementation of Digital Peers, who use their own lived experiences of either mental health challenges, or digital exclusion to connect and support the students of the college.

In this video, Georgia talks about her role as Digital Inclusion Lead and Digital Peer and the positive impact it has had on delivering the college’s services to its students.

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity recently applied to NHS Charities Together for an extension of the Recovery College Peer Trainer project and they’ve just emailed to say we’ve been successful.

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity are delighted to be able to extend the funding to support this role by a further 2 years so that its positive impact can continue to support the staff and students at the Recovery and Wellbeing College.

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