Staff from the local Starbucks store have recently donated items to Cardiff & Vale Health Charity. A selection of reusable cups, totes, and bamboo sets will be given out to support wellbeing initiatives.

Starbucks believe in making a difference by supporting local communities, and since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, they have partnered with NHS Charities Together to support 239 local NHS charities across the UK. So far, they have raised £100,000 from the sales of their colour changing cups, and have donated over 500,000 items of food and drink to NHS staff working on the front line when the pandemic was at its peak.

We’d like to say an enormous thank you to Starbucks and NHS Charities Together for their generosity.

When using a reusable cup at any of the Starbucks stores across the country, customers receive a 25p discount off any Starbucks drink. Blue Light Card holders also get a further 10% off beverages.

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