Our Health Meadow has proven to be a haven for many patients, colleagues, visitors and the community, offering a calm green space to enhance the wellbeing of all those who frequent the site. Throughout the last twelve months, this bespoke meadow has had several new additions to the landscape, including two large roundhouses, a new pathway, and stunning carvings to name a few.

The most recent installation was made possible by a sizeable contribution from long-term supporter, Stuart Egan. This beautiful bench was created from inspiration and engagement with the volunteer group working alongside Down to Earth. Through conversations held during weekly sessions, designs were discussed with Thomas Chainsaw Carvings, who also created the Polyn Pren and Owl sculpture which can be seen in Our Health Meadow.

When discussing the project, Stuart said, “It was fantastic to be at Our Health Meadow on the day the bench was delivered. I am delighted with the carvings on the bench and how it’s turned out. It’s a wonderful new addition to the site, and I hope visitors to the meadow enjoy a little respite on the extra seating.”

As the bench overlooks the glorious landscape, visitors will be able to enjoy a moment of tranquillity in an otherwise busy environment.

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