Cardiff & Vale Health Charity team have recently supported a project to improve the environment of the Antenatal Clinic at University Hospital Llandough where the Rainbow Clinic is also based

The Rainbow Clinic cares for women and their partners who have very sadly lost a baby or babies during pregnancy, or shortly after birth. Within the clinic, families meet with clinicians to understand why their baby died and to plan future pregnancy if desired. The clinical team provide specialist care to these women in subsequent pregnancies to minimise risk of recurrence, and provide continuity of care to these families.

Due to the sensitive nature of the appointments attended during a very distressing time, the environment plays a significant role in the women’s experience when spending time in the clinical space. The families have previously asked for the clinic environment to be improved, and for hope to be visible whilst they wait for their appointments.

The project to improve the Clinic began back in October 2020, when the staff walked 15 miles from University Hospital Llandough to the Maternity Ward at University Hospital Wales in a heart shape to raise funds for the clinic. They raised an amazing £6,260, and in committed £5,436.66 to improving the entrance, main waiting area, and clinic room. Staff lottery funds were also secured to expand the project to include improvement to the quiet room.

Furniture for the quiet room was also made possible earlier this year thanks to a generous donation of £1,805.00 from Cwmtawe 7s, who hosted a golf day in support of the work of the Rainbow Clinic. Chairs, plants, and a clock were purchased for space, which is used as a private area for women and their partners following unexpected ultrasound findings, and also as a waiting area for bereaved families when attending debrief consultations.

The Staff Lottery Bids Panel were delighted to grant the remaining funds to improve the waiting areas that were included in the initial improvement request by the women attending the clinic. Recognising that women and partners attending the clinic are living through some of the most distressing time of their lives, improving the environment they enter is the first step to ensure that they feel a sense of hope and reassurance.

The rainbow team (Dr Monique Latibeaudiere, Dr Amy Robb and Mrs Mrs Lizzie Kinsella) are thrilled to realise the requests of the families who so generously donated in 2020. 

Amy Robb, the Consultant Obstetrician at the Rainbow Clinic said: “We wouldn’t have managed to complete the project without the coordination of the Health Charity and the generous additional donations especially from the Cwmtawe 7s. Thank you!”

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity worked with the long-standing partners, Grosvenor Interiors and Poppi furniture to install beautiful wall vinyls and introduce new furniture.

The images across the waiting areas show peaceful and bright scenes of nature. We hope that these improvements have a positive impact on the women and families attending the clinic during such difficult times, and that they benefit the amazing clinic staff by too.

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