A big congratulations and well done to Emma Grant who braved the shave and cut her long locks to help raise money for dementia patients at University Hospital Llandough.

Emma raised £727.50 including gift aid to fund dementia sensory boxes which will be distributed across wards and to improve staff wellbeing. As if this was generous enough, Emma also donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

Emma said “As the Deputy Ward Manager on Ward East 4 at the University Hospital of Llandough, I have witnessed first-hand the challenges faced by patients with dementia.

Imagine being surrounded by unfamiliar sounds and feeling frightened and confused. That’s what it can be like for someone with dementia in a hospital setting.Hospitals are already daunting places, and having dementia only multiplies those feelings. That’s why I wanted to make a difference by raising funds to provide sensory activities for patients with dementia. These activities can make their stay in the hospital more enjoyable, aiding in their recovery and recuperation.

In addition to supporting patients, the funds will also go towards developing a quiet space for both patients and their relatives. This space will promote well-being and improve communication between healthcare professionals and a patients’ loved ones”.

We’re incredibly grateful to Emma for taking on such a courageous fundraiser, and a big thanks to all who have donated. If you would like to support and make a donation, please visit

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