The Staff Lottery Bids Panel recently supported a project to improve the environment of the newly created staff wellbeing area in the Cochrane Library at University Hospital Llandough. Cardiff University have funded furniture, leisure reading, wellbeing books, information and games to be installed in the designated area, and Staff Lottery funding will provide bright and modern artwork and wall vinyls to adorn the walls of the library.

The library is already a safe and quiet space for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board staff, where they can use computers to catch up with training, or study away from the busy hospital environment. The décor was previously dated and uninviting, with no designated relaxation space for the library users. By transforming the space with bright and modern artwork, the dedicated wellbeing area will welcome NHS staff to relax, decompress and find information on a range of mental health and wellbeing support. It can also be used to host wellbeing-related activities such as book clubs and mindfulness workshops.

Jennie Roe from the Libraries and Knowledge Service, said: “All Cardiff and Vale University Health Board staff are welcome to come in, have a look and find out how the library service can support you – we’re based in the Routledge Building at the main entrance. If you’re looking for space to host a wellbeing-related activity just contact the library at

The Staff Lottery Bids Panel were delighted to approve the bid, as it supports Cardiff and Vale University Health Board staff by providing them with an area where they can unwind and step away from the busy hospital environment. As well as improving staff wellbeing, the space also promotes learning and encourages staff development. The Bids Panel hope that the improvement of this space brings moments of tranquillity outside the busy day-to-day of staff working at University Hospital Llandough.

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