This week we welcomed regular fundraiser Hannah Godwin and her identical twin daughters Leia (pictured holding a teddy bear) and Thea to the Children’s Hospital for Wales.    Hannah presented, Prof Orhan Uzun with 10 smart watches to provide mobile ECG equipment for children to use and has also been fundraising for telemedicine equipment for diagnosing heart conditions remotely, meaning less hospital trips for families with children affected by heart conditions.

The whole family has been actively fundraising, raising over £3,000 to support Paediatric Cardiology services, so far. 

Leia was born in 2019 alongside her identical twin sister Thea. Given that both their daddy and big sister Gracie have heart conditions, Leia and Thea were checked shortly after birth for heart defects. Whilst a tiny hole was found in Thea’s heart, Leia’s heart was perfectly healthy.    

Leia then battled with Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome following the contraction of Covid-19 early in 2020. Leia has been left with a lifelong heart condition, and whilst outwardly living a perfectly normal life, still requires care from the fantastic cardiology team at Noah’s Ark hospital.

Mum Hannah says, “Leia was born with a healthy heart, but now needs close medical supervision; we want to ensure that our local hospital has the best equipment available.”

If you would like to donate to support Hannah and Paediatric Cardiology services, please visit their online donation page  Hannah Godwin is fundraising for Cardiff & Vale Health Charity (

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