Staff Lottery funding was recently granted to the North West Locality Offices to procure a new water fountain, in an aim to keep the busy staff members hydrated and healthy.

North West Locality Offices host around 150 staff from Community Nurses, Allied Healthcare Professionals and Admin Personnel. The working area is often hot and stuffy and chilled water will help hydrate the staff. It also been greatly beneficial to community staff who previously faced challenges in replenishing their drinks while visiting patients.

The procurement of the water cooler has been a great morale boost for extremely busy staff who consistently put the needs of their patients before their own. They have been thrilled with the addition:

‘I was very excited to see we had a water fountain at our offices. I drink water daily, it’s fresh, convenient, filtered and also helping to support saving the environment by cutting down on plastic bottles use, I use my own bottle daily, genius idea, thank you’

‘I’m a bit of a fuss-pot and don’t like room temp water from the tap was having to try and bring cold water from home. The fountain has been a god send as I can just fill up my water bottle here as often as I like! I have found I have been drinking more water too as I know the water is fresh, filtered and cold. Fab machine.’

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity have been delighted to support the team with the new addition to the North West Locality Offices. Provision of the water station will not only keep the staff hydrated, but also positively contribute to their physical and mental wellbeing.

You can find out more about how to join the Staff Lottery, and how to apply for funding to improve your department by visiting our website.

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