The PROP Appeal recently funded the commission of an artwork for the day room at Ward West 10, supporting brain injury rehabilitation patients.

The painting was created by local artist Laura Field, and was co-produced with patients on the ward, who provided their feedback about the themes they wanted to see in the artwork. They asked for colourful, nature-based imagery that represents a journey, symbolic to their road to recovery. The patients also wished for the piece to feature a rainbow, a sign of hope, love and friendship.

Laura Field is the granddaughter of the late Jan Davies who sadly passed away in 2022 after receiving care at West 10. Donations in Jan’s memory previously funded a vinyl print installed at the Neuro Rehabilitation Centre, featuring a tree made of colourful hearts, including the quote: “family from strong roots grow beautiful leaves”. Laura’s meadow painting was made for a different area, but still holds significance and a heartfelt connection to the ward.

The below poem has been installed alongside the painting:

Beautiful flowers from red to blue

But nothing is as powerful as the path taken by me and you.

Under the trees and through the hills

We are supported by nature and the strength of your wills.

Keep moving and we will see the power of the sky

In a colourful array beaming into our eye.

Beautiful flowers from red to blue

But nothing is as powerful as the path taken by me and you.

– Laura Mansfield, December 2023. 

West 10 staff member said: “Thank you very much Laura Field for creating this beautiful painting and poem for the Neurorehabilitation day room. This piece is special as it is a bespoke piece designed from feedback from a focus group of people experiencing brain injury. We have received positive feedback from patients and staff, who have found the display of this painting uplifting.”

The Prop Appeal were delighted to support the commission and installation of the artwork, as it has been created with patients in mind, and will continue to uplift all at West 10. A heartfelt thank you to Laura Field for creating the beautiful painting, and ensuring that patient feedback is represented throughout the piece.

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