A vinyl print has been created for display at the Neuro Rehabilitation Centre in memory of Janice Davies. Jan’s daughter Sarah, and family, raised the funds for the print and, with the support of the Arts for Health and Wellbeing Programme and Cardiff & Vale Health Charity, worked with Grosvenor Interiors to design a wall vinyl that reflects Jan’s memory.

The final design features a tree made of colourful hearts with the words ‘family from strong roots grow beautiful leaves’. Jan’s name is also included in the artwork as if it was carved in the trunk of the tree.

The vinyl has been installed at the Neuro Rehabilitation Centre, where it can bring joy and tranquillity to the clinical environment and be enjoyed by patients, staff and visitors.

Thank you so much Sarah and family for this kind donation. The quote perfectly describes the enduring love displayed by Jan’s family, which will bring comfort to others and continue to inspire all of us on West 10.

-Sophie Brown, Speech & Language Therapist

If you are interested in commissioning or gifting an artwork for one of our hospital sites in memory or appreciation of someone special, please contact

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