Walk the stairway to the stars at UHW

Have you seen the new wall art that has been installed on B Block stairs at the University Hospital of Wales?

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity have commissioned Wallglamour to brighten up the stairwells and patient areas at UHW with motivational health messages and information about the charity.

While taking the stairs, patients, visitors and staff will see motivational health messages in stars, encouraging them to be more active and adopt a healthier lifestyle, as well as taking in local iconic scenery from in and around Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.  There are some familiar faces too with photos adorning the walls taken at Health Charity events such as the Cardiff Half Marathon and Cardiff Bay Bed Push Challenge.

Kerry Rockey, Infectious Diseases Specialist Nurse (pictured right) said on Twitter: “Loving the new featured walls at the B Block stairs at UHW  I even walked into myself this week.”

Simone Joslyn, Head of Arts and Health Charity said: “I’d encourage everyone to take the B Block stairs at UHW and take a look at the stars, photos and health messages.  You really get a sense of wellbeing as you walk up and down the stairs.  So many people have commented on how much brighter the area looks and how motivated they now feel by taking up the stairs.”

Fiona Kinghorn, Executive Director of Public Health said: “The stairs look fantastic and what a great way to encourage more people to get more active and take the stairs.  Climbing stairs burns more calories than jogging, helps control weight and builds muscle tone and reduces cardiac risk by more than 10%.  I’d encourage everyone to take the stairs – it’s an easy way to build in getting active during the day, and there’s no doubt that taking advantage of the nearest staircase can help keep you healthy.”

Snap a selfie of yourself with Seren on the stairs, upload the image to Twitter and tag us in @Health_Charity and use #cavstairstars we’ll send you your own mini Seren.

To find out more about Cardiff & Vale Health Charity visit www.healthcharity.wales