Adam Harcombe, his dad Andrew, mum Karen, and sister Darcey visited UHW this week, and presented a check for £150 to support B4 Neurology. It is in addition to the £15,906 Adam, his family, friends, and the members of his local rugby community raised in 2021. Fundraising activities included, Go the Distance Walk with Adam from Tonyrefail in the Rhondda Cynon Taff to Rookwood Hospital, and then back to Tonyrefail

Funds will support the Prop Appeal, which supports projects for brain injury rehabilitation at Llandough Hospital

An ex-inpatient at Rookwood Hospital’s Neurosciences Specialist Rehabilitation Unit, Adam suffered horrific head injuries, which left him with significant physical and cognitive impairments, including losing his sight in one eye.  Adam’s strength of character was evident from day one of his stay at Rookwood Neurorehabilitation Unit. He engaged with his rehabilitation with incredible resolve, so much so, that he often had to be reminded to slow down.

The Rookwood Physiotherapy Team said “When Adam first came to us he needed help from two people to walk. Due to his determination and commitment to his rehabilitation he made quick progress and by the time he went home he could walk with just the support of a walking stick. We know Adam will continue to improve because of his focus and drive to succeed along with the support of his family and friends”.

With the help of his close friends, Andrew Wheeler, Brad Hughes, Jack Foulkes, Dylan Jones and Anthony James who were all eager to support their friend and wanted to do something to raise awareness, show support and raise some funds for Adam’s chosen charity, the campaign has raised over £16,056 a phenomenal amount,  which will support projects including, eye-driven tablet communication technology, music therapy and talking hearts for families, to record reassuring messages for their loved to listen to, whilst in hospital.

A HUGE thank you to everyone involved and the very many people who took part in the walk or made a donation. 

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