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Over the past six months participants came together in weekly sessions to explore different topics and art forms e.g. creative writing, photography, animation, art as well as different relaxation techniques.

During one session we discussed waiting for a medical appointment, many find the time in the waiting room very difficult. We talked about what could make it easier for patients and what could help them deal with anxiety and the sensory overload of a hospital waiting room. We created a booklet filled with artwork, creative writing, images and activities that also acknowledges the challenges of the recovery journey.

‘I am so proud of you
Waiting here is an achievement
It is a really hard thing to do
To wait and to keep fighting
I know
Because I waited here
Just like you.’

(First page of the Booklet ‘The Waiting Room’)

We created a safe space, our sessions became an important part of the participant’s week and a positive focus in their lives.

The time spent together allowed the participants to look beyond their diagnosis, to built on their strengths and learn new coping mechanisms. Creating a booklet to help others also provided the group with a meaningful focus, an opportunity to celebrate their creative talents and to work as a team.

Feedback from participants:

“This group got me back into art again”

“I find the group very uplifting, also meeting the others has been really beneficial.”

“The art group for me has been a space to breathe, a safe space to just be, I love the variety of ways I can be creative, a relaxing setting, being with people that don’t need any explanation.”

“I have started being creative again in the sessions and during the week.”

Feedback from the partner organisation (SHED):

“It is great to see the participants in a different context, they are so much more open, engaged and relaxed and I didn’t realise how talented they all are.”

The booklet will be available in English and Welsh. For more information about the project please contact Katja

This project was funded by The Arts Council of Wales, Cardiff & Vale Health Charity, The Baring Foundation and The National Lottery Community Fund.

Breathe Creative 2023

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