Did you know contributions to the Staff Lottery have funded various projects to improve patient and staff experience across Cardiff and Vale University Health Board? Please see two examples of recently approved bids below.

Cardiff and Vale Recovery and Wellbeing College Tutors & Resources

Cardiff and Vale Recovery and Wellbeing College based in Whitchurch is the first Recovery College to be led by a Peer Lead which is committed to employing staff with lived experiences of mental health challenges.

Learning music and in particular learning to sing, has been found to be effective in enabling people to learn transferable skills and strategies such as breath work and emotional regulation that can aid in improving their mental health and wellbeing. Doing activities in groups also helps build social skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Funding was provided to commission an Associate Peer Trainer and a professional singer with experience in delivering courses to people with mental health challenges, to create a co-produced course for the college’s students and staff. The college did not have the required expertise to deliver a course in singing for wellbeing whereas, the singer they had selected had previous experience, having worked with people with dementia and patients recovering from strokes.

Funding was also provided to enable two tutors to co-produce and deliver mental health and wellbeing courses for staff, carers and services users within the Recovery College. Further funding was provided to procure and provide the department with art materials to be sent to student, enabling remote participation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The tutors, who have lived experience of mental health challenges and are each paired with a health professional, deliver two courses that users can access remotely either at the hospital or from home.

These projects are a sign of the UHB’s commitment to engaging, collaborating with, listening to and co-producing with people with lived experiences of mental health services and their carers. The
department hoped to improve the wellbeing of its staff, carers and service users through enhanced educational opportunities, enabling participants to learn new skills and knowledge that can be applied to their own recovery as well as others. It may also positively contribute to staff wellbeing and
productivity, job satisfaction and as a result.

Due to restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, these projects have been put on hold until it is both safe and appropriate to implement them in accordance with the most up to date guidelines set out by both the Welsh Government and Public Health Wales.

Convert Old Pharmacy to Fully Functional Phlebotomy Room

The Phlebotomy Department based within Barry Hospital bled 43,204 patients in 2019 with the department serving all nine General Practice surgeries in Barry, along with additional patients through the outpatient service.

The old Phlebotomy Bleeding Room was a short walk from the Phlebotomy Waiting room and contained two bleeding chairs. Due to the restrictions put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, the room was too small to accommodate two phlebotomists so the Paediatric Phlebotomy Bleeding Room was also used as a temporary measure. Prior to COVID, the requirement to enable a third phlebotomist to practice alongside two other phlebotomists had been identified due to the increase demand for the service. However, the current room was not large enough to accommodate three phlebotomists.

Funding was therefore provided to relocate the Phlebotomy Bleeding Room to a room large enough to accommodate three phlebotomists. This aided in improving patient and staff satisfaction, reducing waiting times and as a result improving patient quality of care. The room identified was located directly adjacent to the waiting room. This will reduce the travelling distance for patients, which will especially be beneficial for patients with mobility difficulties further improving patient care.

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The Staff Lottery Bids Panel endeavours to work towards all seven wellbeing goals set out by the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act whilst utilising the five ways of working; long term, prevention, integration, collaboration and involvement.

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