On Sunday 1st October 2023, the 20th Cardiff Half Marathon takes place across the city. As thousands of people are estimated to take part, we’re highlighting our inspiring runners.

Sana is running the Cardiff Half Marathon in honour of her late daughter, Jannat Khan. Jannat was born very early, due to complications, at 27 weeks old on the 12th of August 2022 and weighed 440g. Jannat fought very hard but passed away after 6 days on the 18th of August 2022 at the NICU in University Hospital Wales.

Sana said, “I’m extremely grateful for the care provided by all the staff members at the NICU during this difficult period of time. Without the NICU I would not have had even those 6 days with my daughter.”

Sana expressed how appreciative she is for the extremely supportive staff after the passing of Jannat. The staff did their best to make sure the family had lots of mementos of Jannat.

The NICU also facilitated the entire family spending the night with Jannat after she passed away which Sana and her family appreciated tremendously.

Aqsa will also be joining Sana in the Cardiff Half as Jannat was her niece. Aqsa will be teaming up with Sana and doubling their fundraising efforts for the NICU.

Aqsa said, “I’m running to help raise money for the NICU so they can continue to provide this high level of care to babies who need extra help, as well as supporting parents and families like us. We were all just so thankful to the caring staff.”

If you’d like to support Sana and Aqsa and help them reach their fundraising goal, please visit their Just Giving page here.

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