Staff Lottery funding has recently been granted to improve the staff rest areas for the Pentwyn Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT).

Previous attempts by the team to create a dining area out of old, unused furniture, the space still didn’t meet the standards for an appropriate space for staff to use during breaks, and to rest during their demanding days.

Staff Lottery funding was granted to purchase new comfortable chairs, a coffee table, and kitchen equipment for staff to use during their lunchbreaks. The provision of the improved staff rest area will directly positively contribute to their wellbeing by making them feel valued, and by providing a safe place to meet and reflect on the emotional labour of the job.

Sarah Howell, the CMHT Service Lead, said: “Funds allocated from the Health Charity have had a huge impact on team morale and wellbeing. Staff now have an area in which they can take breaks, feel rested, and meet with colleagues. Prior to this there was no comfortable space for reflection and down time which is vitally important for staff working in this area. This has positively contributed to them being able to deliver excellent quality care.”

“The team want to say a massive thank you to Cardiff & Vale health Charity for their support.”

You can apply for Staff Lottery funding for your department if your project aligns with any of the following themes:

  • Improving patient and staff environment, including art and other aesthetic and other improvements
  • Improving patient dignity, respect and experience including amenity improvements and cultural awareness
  • Promotion of health and wellbeing
  • Promotion of quality and safety

To find out how to apply, please visit or email if you have any queries.

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