On Wednesday 18th October a conference was held online based on the theme of Trees and Woodlands within Healthcare sites.

Established during the autumn of 2011, the NHS Forest’s annual conference is a space to share ideas, experiences, and questions about the links between green space and health. It showcases the potential of the NHS green estate to be used strategically to support health and wellbeing of staff, patients, and the wider community.

The NHS Forest awards are presented at the conference and celebrate NHS Forest sites across a range of categories such as ‘Most innovative NHS Forest site’ and ‘Best community engagement in the NHS Forest’. There are 330 healthcare sites registered as part of the NHS Forest, of which Our Health Meadow is one. Anyone can nominate an NHS Forest site for the awards.

This year, Our Health Meadow at University Hospital Llandough was chosen as a runner-up in the NHS Forest 2023 awards category for pioneering use of green space by healthcare professionals.

The Awarding Committee said, “We loved hearing about the Our Health Meadow project and were really impressed with the number of people who have been directly engaged by it.”.

Congratulations to all the winners within each category. You can read all about the projects here.

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