Cardiff & Vale Health Charity is delighted to announce that Cardiff and Vale University Health Board employee, Lynda Pinnell, has been crowned Health Hero for October.

Lynda, who is a Nurse on C7 ward at the University Hospital of Wales was nominated by colleague, Katy Evans from the Health Intervention Team, for being: “the real-life definition of kind, caring and selfless” and because she “demonstrates the true value of nursing in all that she does and always ensures that the patients are at the heart of any shift.”.

After completing her nurse training in the University Hospital of Wales in 1975, Lynda went on to work in St David’s Hospital with a spell at Stratford upon Avon General before returning to Cardiff to complete her remaining service at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and obtaining her degree from Cardiff University. At the grand age of 65, Lynda is heading for retirement in 2022.

Katy said: “Often far exceeding her hours, Lynda doesn’t rest until she knows everything is done – which as most nurses will agree, this is never ending.”

“Lynda is a fantastic mentor to student nurses, they gain so much more than the technical skills when they shadow her, she teaches them the art of integrity and the importance of doing the little things.”

Sarah Fergusson, Lynda’s former Ward Manager said: “Lynda was the first person I worked with on my first day of being a qualified nurse 12 years ago on B7. I hadn’t slept, and was so nervous. Lynda took so much care and spent so much time with me. She was the Deputy Ward Sister. Ironically, I was her second to last ward manager at the end of her retirement. “

“She went above and beyond then, and she still does now. She is one of the kindest most caring nurses I have had the pleasure of working with. Staff feel safe when Lynda is on shift she cares and nurtures everyone.”

“When I started on C7 this year, going onto a ward that was so short staffed, it was a relief to know Lynda was there. And that she would look after me just as she did 12 years ago.” “Lynda delivers the highest standard of care to patients that I have ever seen. She is a health hero. She deserves this award. More than anyone I know.  They don’t make nurses like Lynda anymore. Cardiff and Vale is losing one of its best when she retires. I wish her all the happiness and peaceful retirement ever. I will miss her. Dreadfully.”

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