Photographer Conor Elliott, from Penarth is looking to inject a fresh approach to the support for the NHS and other key workers. Last year the rainbow proved a very successful way to show support and appreciation for the NHS. Now he feels that it is as important as ever to continue that support. He is therefore asking the community to display in their windows a new symbol: a butterfly.

The butterfly is a perfect symbol to use. Like the rainbow, it is a symbol of hope. It is also seen as a very positive image of birth and regeneration. The possibilities to be creative are endless. It is an easy image to create for younger children and everyone. Conor does not want to dismiss the rainbow and, of course, it can continue to be used and even combined with the butterfly but he feels that asking people to repeat what they did last year might be a little tired. He also feels that people are very jaded by the ongoing pandemic and he wants to show the NHS that now more than ever they have not been forgotten. So by introducing a new symbol it can reinvigorate something that was successful last year.

Last year, having noticed the creative support made up of the window art of rainbows that were displayed with such affection throughout the communities of Penarth and Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan, Conor walked the streets photographing this art and created large 6ft x 4ft mosaics that were made up of thousands of photographs. The mosaics are now displayed in Llandough and Barry hospitals in the Vale.

“This is a new opportunity for the community to show the NHS and key workers that there is still massive support for them through continuing difficult times. It is a very simple concept that can have a huge impact as we are on the final push to get back to our normal lives.”

“The weather is starting to brighten. Spring is on its way. This will be a wonderful opportunity to brighten our windows again by doing something creative and to feel positive again, a chance to spread a little happiness. It would be nice to see smiles back on peoples’ faces.”

It is hoped that this can spread as far as possible. People can get involved in all kinds of ways in their own communities and be as creative as possible. It is an important way for people to show their support to something as important as the NHS, which continues to be under such huge pressure, and all key workers. Regeneration within our communities and lives is something we are facing. On a wider scale this can even send a message of hope around the world through ‘The Butterfly Effect’.

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