Leia Godwin was born in 2019 alongside her identical twin sister Thea.  Given that both their daddy and big sister Gracie have heart conditions, Leia and Thea were checked shortly after birth for heart defects.  Whilst a tiny hole was found in Thea’s heart, Leia’s heart was perfectly healthy.  

Unfortunately, in April 2020 that changed after an unknown encounter with Covid-19 triggered an auto-immune response in Leia’s body which caused her coronary arteries to swell up with giant aneurysms.  Leia’s heart condition was quickly identified, and treatment was provided to prevent it worsening.   Leia was released from the Noah’s Ark Children’s hospital following one month’s admission.  

Due to the size of the aneurysms, Leia will now require treatment and monitoring for the rest of her life.  As part of the monitoring of Leia’s condition, her blood levels are checked regularly at home with results phoned in to the hospital.  If Leia’s INR drops out of range, she has to attend hospital for an echocardiogram to check for clotting, and immediate dose of clexane a blood thinning medication.  

Leia’s mum Hannah, says “Leia is like any other toddler her age, inquisitive and adventurous, and always wants to be on the go.  Coming into hospital for heart scans on a regular basis is not her idea of fun, but Leia’s cardiology team are amazing, always putting Leia at ease, and keen to make things better for her.  As a family, we want to raise money, to help them have the very best equipment available to help children, like Leia to get the best possible treatment”.  

“We are raising money to supply mobile ECG equipment for children to use, and telemedicine equipment for diagnosing heart conditions remotely, meaning less hospital trips for families with children affected by heart conditions.

“Leia was born with a healthy heart, but now needs close medical supervision, we want to ensure, that our local hospital has the best equipment available”.  

The whole family are actively fundraising and have so far raised £893.90 via an online donation page, an online raffle and a silent auction for games that were donated by Hasbro and a donated hamper. A further £199.64 has also been raised from the students of by Ty Isaf Primary School, who held a non-uniform day.

The Godwin family are planning many more fundraising events and if you would like to support The Leia Godwin Fund, Text LEIASFUND to 70085 to donate £5 Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS.

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