Through a recently approved Staff Lottery bid, the Healthcare Department at HM Prison Cardiff underwent a transformation with the installation of welcoming wall vinyls in both staff and patient areas.

The patient waiting rooms within the Healthcare Unit at HMP Cardiff were previously basic and lacked visual interest. The necessity for window bars contributed to limited natural light, creating an unwelcoming atmosphere for patients who could spend up to two hours in these rooms. The plain magnolia walls further added to the uninspiring environment.

Similarly, the Healthcare Staff Rest Room at HMP Cardiff also saw much-needed improvements. Given the nature of the work environment and security protocols, staff found it challenging to take lunch breaks off-site within their designated timeframes. The staff room, like the patient waiting rooms, was previously dark and uninviting, leading colleagues to have lunch breaks at their workstations. Recognising the importance of providing a positive and welcoming space for staff to rest, changes were made to enhance the rest area.

Julie Turner, the Healthcare Department Operational Manager at HMP Cardiff said: ‘We were delighted when our bid for funding via the Staff Lottery Bids panel was approved. Our bid was to support both staff and patients by improving the environment.

The staff working in Healthcare at HMP Cardiff, like many staff across CAV UHB have very busy days. Their workdays are demanding, emotionally and physically draining and on times distressing. The unique environment for healthcare staff both clinical and administrative means that going off site for break periods isn’t straight forward. Therefore, we wanted to provide our staff with a rest area to spend their breaks where they would be able to unwind and relax. Following discussion with staff a beach theme was chosen, and new furniture completed the look.

It was equally important that we support a project for our patients. Regardless of the nature of the environment or the reasons the men are resident, in terms of their healthcare needs they are simply ‘our patients’. We wanted to improve the area used while they wait to see a member of the healthcare team. Patients can be held in these areas for extended periods, and we therefore wanted to provide an environment that was more equitable to the waiting areas in community settings. The images of local landmarks give the patients focal points to talk about and aspirations of the world that awaits.

Both staff and patients are really pleased with the outcome of both projects, and we can’t thank Cardiff & Vale Health Charity and the Staff Lottery enough.’

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity were delighted to support this project, as it aims to directly improve patient and staff wellbeing within HMP Cardiff. Recognising the high-pressure environment, the charity acknowledged the significant impact that improved indoor spaces and ambiance can have on the daily lives of both staff and patients, contributing to a more relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

You can find out more about how to join the Staff Lottery, and how to apply for funding to improve your department by visiting our website.

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