Activities Co-Ordinator, Natalie McCulloch applied for funds through Cardiff & Vale Health Charity to introduce a range of care and activity items to improve the wellbeing of patients on East 8 and additional wards during the Covid-19 pandemic. Through monies from NHS Charities Together, Cardiff & Vale Health Charity were able to gift multiple new items to a number of wards, many of which are still being used and maintained now.

Some of the activity items gifted to the department included, arts and crafts materials, magnifying glasses and stress balls. These items allowed patients to enjoy engaging activities and reduce some of the anxieties felt at the time.

Nail care products were also distributed to multiple wards to improve the nail hygiene of patients. Many patients also enjoyed the experience of having their nails manicured and chatting individually to the member of staff providing the care.

Several wards were also gifted newspapers, which the patients read with delight. Staff found that the newspapers helped to encourage conversation between patients and staff and gave meaningful occupation, as well as orientating patients to the time of year and day. Some patients even took part in a socially distanced crossword puzzle!

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity are proud to support Natalie with the introduction of these items and recognise the contribution she has made to support the health and wellbeing of patients.

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