Dispatch, this is PC Baggett, over.

This is Dispatch, go ahead.

Send the squad on their break. It’s time to walk and talk, over.

Roger that, PC Baggett. Walkie Talkie in progress

Welcome to your new Walkie Talkie lunch break.

Every Wednesday, police liaison officers will be at Heath Park to host a safe space for colleagues and the community to take a moment during their busy schedules to just walk and talk.

Whether the conversation is about work, home life, worries, stresses, or happiness, this time is to encourage better mental health and wellbeing while outside in the fresh air.

The initiative was launched by PC Martin Baggett from South Wales Police, with support from Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and Cardiff & Vale Health Charity.

The sessions will begin on Wednesday, 3 July at 1pm, with the intention to meet at Heath Park car park before setting off on a route through the park. The routes will take up to an hour and will require comfortable clothing and shoes. The length of time spent at these sessions is at participant discretion, dependant on service demand.

“We want to get people out of their working environment for a bit of downtime in the large open green space of Heath Park,” explained PC Baggett. “Whether it’s a nurse in the emergency unit, an office worker or perhaps just someone that doesn’t get the chance to get out on their break that often – we’d love you to get involved.

“It does what it says on the tin: we will walk and talk. If someone wants to open up about something in their home life, we can do that. It someone wants to just vent about their day, we can do that too. Hopefully people can offload during the walk and feel much better by the end of it.”

The weekly walks are also being backed by Claire Beynon, Executive Director of Public Health at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. She said: “It’s wonderful to work in partnership with South Wales Police on such a simple, yet important initiative. Walking has a huge amount of physical and mental benefits, from strengthening the heart, to easing joint pain to improving our mood.

“Walkie Talkie will allow people not just to get their daily steps in, but to speak freely and openly in a safe environment. We’re very lucky to have Heath Park right on our doorstep, so why not enjoy it on your lunch break with colleagues this summer?”

MRS Communications Limited, one of the UK’s leading providers of two-way radios and security radio systems, is sponsoring bespoke lanyards which will be available to participants at the sessions.

Join PC Baggett on Wednesday, 3 July to kick-start this Walkie Talkie campaign. For more details please email or


What is Walkie Talkie?

Walkie Talkie is a new initiative from South Wales Police, with support from Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, and Cardiff & Vale Health Charity. The aim is to get colleagues moving during their lunch break and take the time to discuss what’s on their mind in a neutral area.

I see this is happening at the Heath Park. Does that mean only colleagues from UHW can attend?

No, these sessions are inclusive of everyone. Whilst this is a trial period, dependant on the demand and success there may be more opportunities to bring in sessions at UHL and other sites in the future.

Why are the Police involved?

These sessions are to help raise awareness of the dedicated Police Liaison Officers that are available on-site.

Can I wear my trainers to work?

Yes, as part of the Active Soles campaign we’re already encouraging colleagues to wear comfortable shoes where possible.

Can I take an hour as a lunch break for this?

Many of us have 30-minute lunch breaks, but we encourage you to talk to your line manager/department lead to see whether this is something that can be extended on this occasion.

How regularly will these Walkie Talkie sessions occur?

These sessions will take place every Wednesday from 1-2pm until further notice.

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