The Staff Lottery have been thrilled to support the recent Staff Vegetable Growing Project held at Our Health Meadow, University Hospital Llandough for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board staff.

The Staff Vegetable Growing Project is a project focused on wellbeing and organic food growing. Consisting of half-day taster sessions, it invites colleagues to learn new skills and grow their confidence in growing their own food, even on a desk or windowsill at home. The sessions aim to aid wellbeing and connection, and support the physical and mental health of employees.

Gardening and food growing have been proved by ongoing research to benefit physical health and mental wellbeing. Beyond the joy of nurturing plants and witnessing their growth, these activities provide a direct connection to nature, allowing individuals to unwind and alleviate stress in a serene environment. Growing one’s own produce also supports the consumption of fresh, nutritious foods, fostering a balanced diet and potentially reducing the risk of diet-related health issues.

The food growing workshops have been delivered at Out Health Meadow by Down to Earth, our long-standing partners who are champions of sustainable living, and have been working with patients, staff and volunteers to transform Our Health Meadow into a green and biodiverse haven situated on the University Hospital Llandough site.

The sessions have been well attended by CAUHB colleagues, who have created a blooming planter, with chives, tomatoes, herbs and other vegetables that have been thriving in the summer months. It has given the attendees confidence to begin gardening at home, empowering them to begin their own growing projects.

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity have been delighted to support the Staff Vegetable Growing Project, as it promotes mental and physical health of our wonderful colleagues. As well as reducing stress and providing more avenues for a healthy diet, the project is also sustainable and positive way to engage with natural environments.

You can support Our Health Meadow by visiting the interactive crowdfunding platform.

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