The Arts for Health and Wellbeing Programme and Cardiff & Vale Health Charity are delighted to receive two artworks by Sheila Moore, kindly donated by Llandough Nurses’ Association.

Llandough Nurses’ Association (LNA) was set up for all qualified nurses who had either trained in University Hospital Llandough or worked for a period of twelve months or more at some point in their career within the hospital. LNA was formed in May 1969 and invite all current and past nurses to join the association to keep their connection to nursing and the hospital alive.

Over the past ten years, the LNA has supported various wards and departments at University Hospital Llandough through generous donations. They have previously supported West 2, the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Unit, the Stroke Rehabilitation Centre, CAVOC, Hafan y Coed, East 3 and Ein Berllan. To mark their 50th Anniversary, the LNA also donated a bench to patients and families for their use in the hospital grounds.

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity extend a heartfelt thank you to the LNA for their ongoing contributions and dedication to maintain and support the University Hospital Llandough site.

Christine Johnson, on behalf of LNA, said: “There would be no Llandough Nurses’ Association without many years of dedication by all the members over 55 years. The organising committees have included the majority of the membership as officials and co-opted members throughout its existence, so enormous appreciation should go out to everyone, past and present, who has added something to the continuing success and enjoyment of a really great group. But then, dedication and organising is what nursing is all about!”

The donated artworks, both limited-edition prints, feature delicate depictions of red poppies and purple foxgloves, created by artist Sheila Moore. A former art tutor at Croesyceiliog college, Sheila taught students with learning difficulties for over 25 years. Throughout her career, she also worked with patients at Grange Hospital.

Dawn Moore, Sheila’s daughter in law, and AWMGS Cardiff Administration Assistant, said: “Sheila is very happy that the prints are installed.  She is now aged 86 and still one of the most kind, helpful and thoughtful people I know.”

“Her health isn’t the best but she still tries to do what she can to help others.  The last time she painted was November 2022.”

Sheila’s prints now adorn the walls of the University Hospital Llandough East corridor. The Arts for Health and Wellbeing and the Cardiff & Vale Health Charity teams extend their heartfelt thanks to the LNA and Sheila for the kind donation of the prints. The team are extremely grateful for the association’s generous and valuable contributions throughout the years, and acknowledge their dedication to enhance the lives of patients and staff at University Hospital Llandough.

Special thanks also to the University Hospital Llandough’s Estates Team for their assistance in installing the artworks.

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