The NHS and tea drinking go hand in hand. Every day, thousands of patients in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan enjoy a cuppa in NHS hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries. Tea brings us all together.

This special campaign is celebrating our NHS while raising money for hospital charities like the Cardiff & Vale Health Charity who play a vital role in supporting and enhancing our hospitals, enabling them to do more.

The NHS has touched us all and it’s the perfect opportunity to invite friends, family, colleague’s neighbours and organise your own tea party and show your support for our wonderful staff.

The tea party campaign runs from Monday 24th June – Sunday 7th July but if you are unable to hold your tea party during those two weeks, any day over the summer would be fantastic.

How can I take part in NHS BigTea?

Email with the date of your tea party and we’ll be in touch with you to send you a fundraising pack.

Get your tea party pack

This pack contains everything you’ll need to organise and promote your tea party – posters, bunting, cake cards and selfie props. You can down load everything here

Spread the word

Decide where you’re going to host your tea party, then pick a date and time. Once you’re ready, start telling your friends, family and colleagues about your NHS bigtea using the posters and other promotional materials in this pack.

Enjoy the party

On the big day, you can celebrate in any way you like. You can make your party a quick morning cuppa or a whole day event – It’s up to you.

Don’t forget to donate any money you raise to the Health Charity

We will ensure all the proceeds of your tea party go back to supporting the 8 hospitals of the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

Can’t join the party but would still like to say thank you?

To make a donation online, visit or to donate by cheque, please make your cheque payable to Cardiff & Vale Health Charity and send it to: NHS BigTea, Cardiff & Vale Health Charity, 6th Floor Brecknock House, University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4XW.